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The only thing I would change is the fact that I spent good money of custom text tones that I can no longer use. With the watch, it just dings. No tones from the phone. I do miss the always on watch face though. It should be an option for non-heavy users to have at least the time displayed at all times.
Has a silicone airpods holder
Apple Watch series 3. Great for a student.
Use to track the time.
Connects with my phone easily.
Comfortable to wear.
Handy around campus.
I mainly use this to track my physical fitness.I like that it syncs with my phone. It is not durable and I do plan on investing on a robust case for it!
The main reason for the Apple Watch, is to stay up with all communication coming in. Whether it is people texting about shoots or work, or even emails.
Star Wars trench run wallpaper
white straps
Series 3, Space Grey, 42MM
I honestly prefer a simple mechanical watch like my Omega Speedmaster. But for day-to-day wear, I need somethign that supports my work in the office. I don't like carrying my phone to meetings as its rude. This new version of the Apple Watch with celluar keeps me up-to-date with my calendar so I always know where I need to be. Having it act as a phone for emergency messages and phone calls is also a massive benifit for me.
My everyday driver, not really appropriate for looking sharp but enjoy all the fitness benefits and the ability to keep my phone in my pocket. Requires some dedication setting up notifications to get the most mileage out of it otherwise it will drive you crazy on your wrist.