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Apple iPhone X Reviews

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Apple iPhone X Reviews (32 total)

Doug ·
If you like Apple iPhones, this was a good upgrade. Losing the home button added screen realty without adding size and bulk. The face unlock is so seamless, you'll wonder why you ever used a finger to unlock phones before. I've carried for a year now with no issues and no plans to upgrade.
Bernard Cote ·
Wallpaper is the new @scoutcampers Kenzai
Edward F Ramirez ·
After 2 years I switched my iPhone 7 Plus, 156GB to an iPhone X, 256GB. I feel like when you take care of an iPhone that has a lot of storage, there is no need to update them every year that a new one comes out.
Alex ·
Apple iPhone XS
Weeravut Sunlieng ·
Element case
Riezman ·
Can’t afford iPhone 11
Connor Franklin Leland ·
With a liberty tattoo sticker!
Clay Pickering ·
Not Pictured
Carl A Swann ·
A must
Maxime ·
w/ Havana Leather Case
Marc Shepard ·
Space Gray
Chris Green ·
256GB iPhone X. It has a glass screen protector and a Spigen [Thin Fit] iPhone Xs Case.
John Sapno ·
I use my phone as my camera, flashlight and obviously communications. I took it this photo with it but my phone color is white white a clear back and black side bumper case. Blends in well with the black-silver and white look.
Hikaru Aohara ·
iPhone is an essential for me.
It has many apps and data which I need for school activities.
Jeff ·
Cheap green case from eBay since Apple discounted their green case. :-(
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