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If you like Apple iPhones, this was a good upgrade. Losing the home button added screen realty without adding size and bulk. The face unlock is so seamless, you'll wonder why you ever used a finger to unlock phones before. I've carried for a year now with no issues and no plans to upgrade.
I use my phone as my camera, flashlight and obviously communications. I took it this photo with it but my phone color is white white a clear back and black side bumper case. Blends in well with the black-silver and white look.
iPhone is an essential for me.
It has many apps and data which I need for school activities.
Cheap green case from eBay since Apple discounted their green case. :-(
Solid business phone.
used to take photo
The iPhone X. I appreciate having a stable phone that doesn't crash and gives me the basics for everyday use.
In a lifeproof Next Case with Qwickmount
Apple iPhone X 64gb in an Apple brand leather case (black)
with white silicon cover
The iphonx has amazing feature and also have great battery life
The best of world
In an Otterbox defender cover.
I’m a Machine Learning systems consultant and the iPhone X has an excellently implemented solution.
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