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Very handy you'll use it more than you think you will. My mum ended up getting one because she kept asking to use mine. Great compact product for daily use.
Knive, scissors, pen and tweezers - what could one miss here while it's fitting in the 5th pocket
Pen, Scissors, Knife paired in a 5th pocket sized device
This is a very functional tool that sees daily use, You pay a lot for the pen, but it lets me keep things truly minimalist. I carry a micro notebook in my wallet
I almost always carry a mid-sized pocket folder, but the reality is that I almost never draw it in public for fear of scaring the muggles. The tiny blade on this micro SAK is capable of just about any edc cutting task that you'd want to use an expensive folder for. It's so thin it can't help but be sharp, it's breakable but not really fragile. I use every tool just about daily. The file can hold up to most light prying tasks, the tweezers are flawless. The tiny scissors are very capable with some patients and careful technique. The Signature has a pen in place of a toothpick which I find useful, you wouldn't want to spend much time writing with it, but it's perfect for the odd note.
This tiny blade can handle almost all my everyday cutting tasks.
So much utility in such a small package... typical Victorinox