Dango Pioneer EDC Wallet - Made in USA - Italian Veg-Tanned Leather, RFID Blocking, CNC Space Ink Pen, 48-Page Notebook

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Awesome handmade leather wallet and pocketbook that will get a cognac-like patina with age.
I keep going back to this wallet for it's functionality and always having a notebook and pen on hand. Love the color it's turning too... the raw veg tanned hide is solid leather
Love the note taking ability, organization, break in of the natural leather, and the credit card (MT02) tool and pen. I slipped in the back a kickstarter multi-tool ax
Bought one new carbon fiber wallet. I really enjoy small wallets that fit in my front pocket and this one is perfect and has a functional multi tool.I would recommend this wallet to anyone looking for a compact wallet.
Comes with the pen on top and a small field notebook.
Keep a readyman card in the wallet
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