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Gerber 31-000345 E.A.B. Lite Pocket Knife, Fine Edge Reviews

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Gerber 31-000345 E.A.B. Lite Pocket Knife, Fine Edge Reviews (11 total)

Zach ·
Awesome product owned for two years, a little smaller than the other Gerber one but just as quality. Prefer the bigger one better for grip and work use purposes. But good for most things.
Eric Wilhelm ·
Needed a box cutter, this does the job.
Quentin M Mitchell ·
For opening boxes of shipments.
David G ·
With Olypia Gold Titanium partially serrated blade
DaveEyedee ·
Serrated blade make this great...
Karan ·
Go to knife for anything that requires abuse (Cut boxes, nylon packaging straps, hydraulic line for prototyping.. Replacable utility blade.
Jimmy Torello ·
Use this often and the best part is, you just rotate a blade once, and toss it after that, put in a new one.
Larry ·
I picked one of these up at Ross for around $8, TOTALLY worth the price. It's light weight and compact and no need to worry about sharpening. Only downside I ran into is the pocket clip broke off within about 2 weeks of carrying. Had a buddy weld it back on for me but due to the treatment on the product doesn't look pretty but still gets the job done.
Alfred B ·
Every day knive,swaped in Stanley rounded tip utility blades so I can lend it out with no concerns,I abuse the crap out of the blades because a pack of 5 cost 3 bucks
Alfred B ·
Favorite knive, I abuse this thing with no fear of breaking it because a utility knive blades cost ten dollars almost anywhere.
Isaac Rockett ·
This is one of my favorite items. I no longer dull my nice knives anymore. It's light, stylish, and affordable.