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Benchmade - Grizzly Ridge 15061 Knife, Drop-point Reviews (4 total)

This is the knifecenter limited edition, love the blue/black soooo much!
What a 15 year olds edc looks like. (All things legal in state)
I recently replaced my Spyderco Stretch with this knife. So far I am loving it. The Axis Lock is great. Has a good look overall and the S30V is a nice touch. The rubberized handle makes it feel great in hand. So far I have no complaints. Ignore the crappy lanyard as it was one I tied quickly but need to make a good one.
I bought this to replace my Spyderco Stretch. I have been in a constant toss up of finding a different company to use for a E.D.C. knife as opposed to Spyderco. I went with Benchmade. I have had Benchmade and others in my collection forever but always went back. I saw this earlier in the year and fell in love but could not afford another knife at the time. (Planning a wedding is expensive) Bought this the other day and am in love. We will see how it holds up over the time but I have no reason to think that will happen.

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