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Retro style games have their fans and undoubtedly <a href="">knights of pen and paper 2 crafting</a> will be to many people's taste. Here you play as a treasure hunter trying to find all possible mysterious treasures on his way. I like the upgraded version of the game that enables to turn endless money mode on so that all your purchases in the game would be available from the very beginning.
S5 with 200GB Memory and CFW Resurrection Remix Nougat
Yeah i need a new phone. It works but its on my next list of things to get. I am constantly running out of space and i just need a more modern phone. Looking at the new Google Pixel.
Charcoal Gray, Dexter (of Dexter's Lab) covering the screen.
My work phone, although not used for personal calls it's a great backup to my own Phone.

Covered with a hardened glass protector and Urban Armor Gear case
Work Phone
Not pictured - Iphone 6
Spigen Slim Armor case (phone removed to take photo)
Forgot to include this but it's always with me.
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