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AdrianD ·
Almost perfect
Eric Benson ·
Best Multitool I've ever owned
HaZr Afisz ·
All in one, I don't have to carry many tools anywhere I go and it's not that big in size and came together with it's nice fine nylon sheath!
The most important tool for a propman
Caliche ·
In black with additional pocket clip.
Craig Rockwell ·
My favorite multitool, despite not owning many others.
Chris Wong ·
Replaced serrated knife with house key.
Shahrin ·
Nothing beat a leatherman functionality in a pocket
Emory Alexander ·
With a near perfect balance between utility, and portability, the Wave is one of the most popular multi tools of all time for good reason.
George ·
Gota love it
Craig Rockwell ·
Still my number 1 multitool!
Craig Rockwell ·
Great tool, I think it is the best multitool I have used so far.
Karan ·
Personalised mountains to match my tattoo and passion. Best for when I commute on my bike. Easy to adjust gears and seat height.
Eric Benson ·
Best multi tool I've had so far.
Mikhailayub ·
Use it every day