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Fisher Space Pen Chrome Reviews

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Fisher Space Pen Chrome Reviews (26 total)

Fudloe Z ·
Dude... it's SPACE PEN! It writes upside down and everything! Gotta have em!
A bit slick, however, can't beat the "write-anywhere" pen that it it!
I have several Fisher Bullets. One is a 1980s vintage that my father gave my mother. While I know she didn't write a great deal with it (kept in her purse for notes, cheque writing etc) IT STILL HAS THE ORIGINAL CARTRIDGE!! Seriously!!
Paul Pearson ·
Fernando B. Corrada ·
Fisher Space Pen with clip, brushed chrome finish makes if easy to hold.
Robert -White Feather ·
Found mine at a restaurant I worked at, someone must have left it and nobody claimed it. Bought an ink refill for it and now it's mine. Very easy to carry.
One of the best writing tools on the market every EDC should have one. I love these pens and have a few different colours.
Vince ·
This is where it all started... I blame the EDC phenomenon on the Fisher Space Pen
Caliche ·
Fisher chrome pen with brass cross.
Chad ·
Shinola edition
BK ·
I've owned maybe a dozen of these over the past twenty years. Always useful to have on hand.
Jake Edvalson ·
Very portable pen. Had for 2+ years.
My buddy gifted me this pen and it will forever be a sign of how there are still nice people in the world.
Michael Mutant ·
I decided to use the black Fisher so I put a chrome one in the pouch instead.
Michael Wilsher ·
It even works in space...
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