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Remove Before Flight Key Chain Reviews (11 total)

Really cool EDC key chain, grabs attention. It also makes it very easy to grab your key chain out of your pocket, light weight not bulky. Great quality product. I like how visible it is.
This EDC is actually my buddy's and he's a Private Pilot. He got this from his dad who flies for American Airlines, but you can grab almost the exact one!
With that black magnet on the bottom, it is easy to left and take your keys quickly.
Every time I reach in my pocket, the first thing I feel is my remove before flight tab.
Awesome key chain helps me grab my keys from my pocket extra quick!
This is a special tag made for a Restored WW2 B-24 named "Witchcraft"
Used to pull keys from pockets easily. Also looks hella fly.
This thing is damn near 8 years old!!
cool looking and helps me get my keys out easier also reminds me I need to pair down before travel
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