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The Gold standard
Great for marking the time down on the RATS incase you have to use it.
I never leave home with out one. And there are always 2 spares in my backpack.
A useful writing instrument and helpful as a last ditch self defense weapon. Always have one on me.
Cheap and writes anywhere
The old faithful. Can't go wrong with this. Keep this just in case you need an autograph.
This is the micro tip marker availabil from tesco in a pack of red blue green black for £4
Who doesn't like a sharpie! Perfect pen for many uses.
Just a robust permanent ink writing utensil
Always have at least a sharpie or two, or a sharpie and a ballpoint on body, and always have one handy in the truck. Just never know when you need to make your mark on something or someone.
Fine point - black
I like my Sharpie extreme, but I hate the unreliable clip on the cap. In fact, the clip is my only complaint about an otherwise great marker.
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