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Chuck Miller ·
Fine point
James Truong ·
A Sharpie marker is essential tool for marking the start dates on your PPE masks if they’re to be reused, outlining cellulitis and, if you really want to freak out your staff, marking the cricothyroid membrane on a potential airway patient “just in case”.
Damon ·
Classic. Permanent.
Joseph Kue ·
John McDonald ·
Just a robust permanent ink writing utensil
Mark McKenzie ·
Always have at least a sharpie or two, or a sharpie and a ballpoint on body, and always have one handy in the truck. Just never know when you need to make your mark on something or someone.
Steven S ·
Fine point - black
Zach ·
I like my Sharpie extreme, but I hate the unreliable clip on the cap. In fact, the clip is my only complaint about an otherwise great marker.
Chris Green ·
Black Permanent Sharpee - suitable for writing on anything including CDs.
Eric Benson ·
Eric Benson ·
The Gold standard
Carlos Eduardo Silva ·
Well, we should all carry Sharpies.
Reggie Ringgold ·
Great for marking the time down on the RATS incase you have to use it.
Julius Bernstein ·
Comes in handy when the medic needs to label IV bags and for other various uses around the ambulance. Can also be used as a stylus on the Panasonic Toughbook mobile PCR device.
Austin Collings ·
Because if I have the opportunity to write on a bomb, I will.
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