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Who doesn't like a sharpie! Perfect pen for many uses.
Paul Pearson ·
Use for work.
Stuart ·
This is the micro tip marker availabil from tesco in a pack of red blue green black for £4
Angela Robertson ·
Constantly lost and found during a nursing shift :)
Daniel L James ·
Handy little pen, great for quick markings on flight charts or on a knee pad for a more long term required reference.
West Cerrudo ·
I am constantly thinking about new products for Twelve South so when the moment strikes I immediately have to write it down or make a sketch to remind myself to talk to my design team.
Drew Taylor ·
Who doesnt carry a sharpie on them in one of their bags?
Jeff ·
The old faithful. Can't go wrong with this. Keep this just in case you need an autograph.
Chris Allegro ·
You better be carrying one on set, regardless of what department you are in.
Jerico Aban ·
Wrapped with twine for some grip
Rene ·
for when the pen isnt enough
John Casas ·
Fine tip and regular tip
TripleDotter ·
Writing on Boxes, writing measurements on Painters Tape, etc. Must have item.
Gibson Davis ·
Reliable marker.
Cheap and writes anywhere
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