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Phillips head screwdriver which hinges on the end of the tool makes this a real winner and extremely useful.
The screwdriver has an indent at the 90 degree position for maximum rotational force, or can be used inline with the tool handle so that you can easily rotate it in the palm of your hand (like a regular screwdriver) and has enough reach to access most screwheads without fouling on surrounding objects.
As far as I know, most other SAKs have the Phillips driver hinging from the middle of the body.

I love this knife and misplaced it for 2 months, nearly cried with joy when reunited. Essential kit.

My daily EDC SAK-knife, all mostly needed tools founds this.
Given by my company for 10 yr anniversary
Old but gold, Victorinox pocketknife
Realible and usefull swiss made pocket-tool with pocket-clip!
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