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Perfect EDC knife. Customer support is phenomenal!
When I'm at work this knive never leaves my pocket. When I need a heavy duty knive this one never fails
Awesome tool. Easy quick open, stays sharp, good grip.
Stone wash blade, carbon fiber scales and blue spacers
Awesome little knife
great knife for EDC due to its thin profile, and I love that I am able to use it left handed and keep it in my left pocket with the dual sided clip hole.
This was a little present from my brother. Available online at multiple sites.
Carried in change pocket
my favorite edc blade and probably the greatest one ever made. s30v steel, carbon scales.
The best, hands down, bar none, EDC pocketknife lots of money can buy.
Great EDC design in both form and function
Great EDC knife design in form and function.
best edc knife ive ever had
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