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This is my first and longest living EDC item. I've been carrying it around for 8 years now and would never part with it.
I cannot think of a situation when it didn't hold up to my expectations. I used for everything around the house from opening bottle caps and tin cans, to installing electrical outlets and lamps and even cutting MDF panels ant installing furniture. It never needed no oiling but I have always kept it extremely clean. The tools and the pliers hinge don't wobble much unlike some of the Leathermans I've seen.
This tool is superior to Leatherman in quality. Daily hard use.
Way better than Leatherman. Heavy use, no issues. Great quality tool.

All my Leatherman's rusted out or broke. This tool is top quality.
Way better quality than Leatherman. Had 5 Leatherman’s, all rusted out and/or broke.
In my experience, significantly better than any Leatherman product. Does not rust out, sheep foot blade is phenomenal.
I am new to the concept of EDC but realize I have been doing that for five years now with my Swisstool on my hip almost all the tine. It is my go-to problem solver. I cannot see it ever letting me down.
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