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Soto Pocket Torch Lighter Reviews


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Jaysun ·
The functionality & reliability of this tool has been flawless. I use this tool to finish cordage ends to prevent fraying, in that task it has been much more fuel efficient than using a conventional lighter. The stumbling block for me was locating a store in my area that sells one of the 3 lighters (Scripto Spectra Color Fuels Pocket Lighter, Scripto Mighty Match Pocket Lighter & Aries Lighter) that work with this torch. I was not able to get this torch to work with any other brand of lighter. Most wouldn't fit, of the few that did fit, they didn't line up correctly within the torch. The closest I was able to use as a substitute was a Scripto View lighter but even that required a small shim made from a paper towel in order to fit correctly. If you can find the proper lighters to use as a fuel source this torch will produce a satisfyingly hot flame.