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Streamlight Nano Reviews

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Streamlight Nano Reviews (9 total)

Jonathan ·
3/5 Pretty bright, but it doesn't last long. When the battery dies, it's cheaper to buy a new one.
Clean Cal ·
Joshua Lynch ·
Nice keychain light and pretty bright for it's small size.
Robert ·
Very small but very bright
geoff ·
it was black but had been on my keys for a while
J. Smith ·
Used and abused and still hanging on. Great cheap keychain light.
J Scott Reinitz ·
Bright. Nice size to put on a keychain and forget about it until you need it. Although the first time I actually needed it, it didn't work. Not sure why. I took it apart, put it back together and it has worked fine ever since. Possibly a misaligned battery? Con: Oddball watch batteries; twist on, twist too much and it opens.
Christian A R Tucker ·
Compact, lightweight and surprisingly bright.
Jaysun ·
Used this for about a month. Maybe I simply have excessive shearing forces at work in my pants, but I had this little light compleatly unscrew itself and bump all of it's little expensive batteries out twice. Once inside my pocket, once onto the floor. Lost one batter at the time, rolled away never to be seen again. I tossed the light into the junk drawer soon after.