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This is one of my favorite EDC rail thin and good looking as heck goes well with office slacks and /or a suit. When I EDC this I get at least a few head turns.
The shape is odd, it feels backwards. The clip is also odd - it makes the knife sit widthwise in your pocket. Despite this, I still like the knife, especially the smooth opening action.
You have to twist it a bit so the clip is at the seams of your pants pocket, I found the the best place to carry this knife is either suit pocket, shirt pocket, or back pocket of your pants.
I like the clip. I carry this at the back of my front pocket turned flat. This is directly under the front of my holster and this clip design makes it easier to get out. Some of my traditional knives that have a longer side clip get caught on the way out.
An excellent Gentleman's knife!
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