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Tyler Warren ·
No review necessary, pretty much perfect hard use edc blade.
Marcus David ·
Fantastic knife. Looks great and is extremely sharp out of the box. Very strong lock which has no movement when you wiggle the blade. Feels very comfortable to hold and use. Great opening mechanism and is very fast for a manual opening knife. Also is very light to carry. I have no negative things to say about this legendary knife!
devilok ·
S35VN Sprint Run
Emanuel Melendez ·
para 2 with titanium scales and clip from ripps garage and hardware from flytanium
Ryan H. ·
Emanuel Melendez ·
this is my spiderco paramilitary 2 with custom scales and clip from ripp's garage and the hardware is from flytanium love this knife
Giovanni ·
Absolutely rock solid, excellent S35VN steel. One of my favorite carry knives
Mike ·
My grail blade. A good steel that I sharpen to 600 grit on a diamond gone using the Lansky sharpening system. Finish the edge with a plain leather, followed by leather strop with .5 micron compound. This one is rarely not carried.
Mike ·
The best knife I’ve carried this far. All around great s30v steel keeps a razor edge even after multiple random uses. With a Lynch Northwest deep carry clip.
Rob ·
Blurple G10
Rob ·
Blurple G10 scales
Sunboy ·
pretty knife
Sunboy ·
Breast cancer awareness month scales, s30v
Mike ·
The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 with S30V steel is an excellent user blade that holds a hair splitting edge for a good while! All black G10 scales and hardware with a custom Lynch Northwest deep carry clip. This blade is always the go to.
His knife goes with me everywhere. A Lynch Northwest deep carry clip makes it an even slimmer profile.
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