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Reggie Ringgold ·
Always good to have Paracord, great product.
Amewa L'awo ·
Naked without it.
Ethan ·
same hear
I make them myself, usually with the advanced buckle, that contains a whistle and ferrocerium rod.
DerekH ·
Type 1 Paracord Bracelet with CountyComm Titanium QD Kwik Release Kechain Coupler
Flipflop fish tail 550 paracord survival bracelet (weaved myself)
Jesse Weber ·
Made myself
ing fco rmrz blanco ·
pulsera paracord de manufactura propia...
Andrew Woroniecki ·
Hand-made by a maker in the Best Damn EDC Discord server
Cori G ·
Paracord bracelet made by myself.
If you want one contact me @every_day_cori
Abram ·
Nothing much to say here other than the fact that I make every paracord bracelet I have myself. I get the materials from the Army Market at Beach Road which is itself a cultural and historical institution to most Singaporean men as most of us serve in the armed forces for 2 years as a part of national service. The Army Market has supplied men with tools needed during service for generations.
boldemort ·
Madre in yo.... 😎👍
Kenneth Percy ·
Custom Paracord Bracelet I made myself.
Jonny ·
Homemade paracord bracelet with horseshoe closure
Christopher Lea ·
Anything can happen.
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