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SOG Trident Reviews

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Nate ·
The SOG Trident has its pros and cons, but overall it is a good knife. I bought it at a BX overseas, and it is by far the most common knife that I see servicemembers carry. It is incredibly light, and the blade deploys at a seemingly supersonic speed. The safety lock is annoying to some, but I think it is a great feature when you have kids around (conisidering how fast it deploys). It is also required when using the cutting slot on the opposite side of the handle (otherwise the blade would just fly open). The AUS-8 blade material is adequate for most common uses, and is suprisingly thin... which I find a huge benefit when cleaning small game, food prep, or other basic outdoor chores. When locked open, there is minimal blade play in any direction. The pocket clip hides the knife perfectly, but it does grip the pocket VERY tightly, almost too much.

For cons, the slot on the opposite side of the handle is a gimmick. I haven't tried cutting a strap but even with the blade scary sharp, it is very inefficient at cutting 550 cord in this manner. In SOG's defense, it says on the packaging that it is useful for cutting fishing line, which probably would work just fine, but not better than a simple nail clipper. The gimping on the thumb ramp leaves much to be desired and might as well not even be there.

Overall a solid purchase. I would give it an 7/10 score.
Steve ·
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