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Bruce Satow ·
Excellent. Lights like it should. Case looks better over time, and if you want to brighten it up, just a dab of metal polish. Classic, simple, look.
Vince ·
the American original. No man should be caught without one
A classic lighter. Reliable, aesthetically pleasing.
Lassi Paasi ·
I have many Zippos but this raw Brass one is The One which eventually always finds its way to my pocket. It has a Zippos own butane torch inside.
A great quality USA made lighter
Received this as Christmas gift from my wife. I had always wanted one because they’re a classic. I’ve started getting into cigars and this lighter uses a solid heavy flame perfect for lighting cigars.
With Zippo butane torch insert
Noah Brock ·
Great lighter with a huge impact in EDC ! Downside It doesn't hold the fuel for a long time .
custom engraved!
Damon Ellis ·
With dual butane insert.
Cornelius ·
The lighter has a Zippo butane insert
Cori G ·
Googly eye Zippo
Frank Borelli ·
Zippo lighter with dual jet butane insert.
Conner Mahan ·
Had this one for a little while and it’s picked up a pretty nice patina love these lighters bullet proof as long as You remember to keep them filled $15
Christoph Schettina ·
Engraved with my favourite line of my all time favourite song "feeling this" by blink 182
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