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Excellent. Lights like it should. Case looks better over time, and if you want to brighten it up, just a dab of metal polish. Classic, simple, look.
the American original. No man should be caught without one
You can't go wrong with a Zippo!
Found this brand new Zippo in my Granddads apartment, it was bought many decades ago!
Custom self made leather cover
I’ve had that brass Zippo for over 20 years and I love the scratches, dents and patina it has gathered over the years.
Two classics, clean and simple.
Zippo Brass Lighter
Featuring the Norse Tree of Life
Custom hex pattern laser engraving done by me
Old Friend :Bought in 1999!
Worn ...... by a lot of time
RAW Gold Dust Edition
I have two brass Camel Zippos from the early 90's. They still function perfectly.
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