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Scott Morton ·
The most powerful small flashlight I’ve owned so far. So easy to carry there’s no excuse not to have a light on you.
Gerald Woller ·
Super bright, rechargeable and small enough to carry every day. What's not to love!
Orlando Estrella ·
RovyVon EDC ·
New Cool thing from Rovyvon
Brian Chin ·
Great lumen to size ratio. Rechargeable.
Brian Chin ·
Brightest keychain light that is reasonable in size. 450 lumens from a keychain light is incredible.
Bagpuss ·
I’m a little torn about this being rechargeable - I’d like it to take a AAA - but on balance it’s a fantastic flashlight and if the SHTF that badly, having a AAA flashlight probably isn’t going to make the difference.