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Apple AirPods Pro Reviews (18 total)

Set ·
With dbrand skin
No comparison for effortless portability.
Zahari ·
Airpods pro with spigen rugged case
Rlavallee ·
Black nomad case
What can you say about these? Best earbuds I’ve ever owned and I’ve been through a ton of them over the years. Both wired and wireless.
Marcin ·
Spigen Case
Mike Whitehead ·
The leather case was a great find on Amazon
Christmas gift. Love the noise cancellation feature on this.
Sondre Wammeli ·
The apple AirPods Pro fits me perfect. The work seamlessly with the iPhone I love the form factor and how small and easy they are to bring along. Using big bulky headset always ended with not using them, or bringing them along for shorter trips. The anc makes commuting a breeze.
Sondre Wammeli ·
A great headset with a small form factor. Love the ANC.
Auggie ·
Finally upgraded from my OG airpods and couldn't be happier. First noise-cancelling headphones I've owned and I absolutely love the feature!
Cory Fernandez ·
Shown with Trove custom leather case.
Victor ·
AirPods Pro with a Native Union black leather case
Walter Eel ·
Using Spigen AirPod Pro case
Rlavallee ·
Has a carbon fiber slick wraps vinyl skin
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