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thrunite T1 Reviews

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This was my first attempt at a side switch pocket carry light. Compared to the streamlight microstream that I had been carrying, it’s a dream come true for power, life, options, and ergonomics. Only thing is that within my first few uses it became clear the cover for the USB charging port was going to pop open each time the light was pulled from the pocket. It was also abundantly clear that the cover was in no way sturdy enough to handle the abuse. Ultimately, this one went back to the seller after just a day of carry.
Daniel Augusto Padilla Bueno ·
In the OD green color it's a great output for not a lot money
Lionlax28 ·
Awesome little light. Not too thrilled about the LED used in it. I ordered the cool white LED but think I may have received the warm LED by mistake. Not a big deal but I prefer the cool white. The magnetic tail cap is great. Overall a great light. For size comparison, it’s just a tad bigger than the Olight S1R series lights