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Apple Watch Series 3 42mm Reviews

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A huge upgrade from the Garmin GPS and Seiko automatic watches I used to wear, this now serves as my only watch in regular rotation. The cellular functionality is key. Knowing that your watch will still cover your bases if your phone dies after a long day without charging adds a nice layer of duplication, and knowing you can leave the phone at home and go for a run with the ability to make an emergency call is very comforting. Paired with the right bands, this is good for everything from a half marathon all the way up to a professional event.
This was a Christmas present. I always thought that a smart watch would be the coolest thing. And I do like it, especially in the mask-wearing world. But I'm not the biggest fan and kind of miss my Fossil watch. Is anybody super passionate about smart watches?
Auggie ·
Does it all and does it well, what's not to love?