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ChapStick Medicated Reviews

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BallsOSteel ·
Medicated Chapstick and I have a history together, you could say. It all started when I was an innocent 7th grader with chapped lips, my girl at the time loaned me her Chapstick (classic flavor, of course) and a few days later I found myself buying my own stick...then another a few days after that...you know the story. Years later, I found myself making sure I had my trusty Chapstick- always in my left front pocket next to my Bic (a story for another day) any time I had pants on, even leaving a movie to go home and get it once. Then it wasn't enough..I needed stronger; my lips were just extra chapped was the lie I told myself at the time - and I started on the strong stuff, Medicated Chapstick. I lost minutes of my life putting that stuff on, and of course in was in denial. I wasn't addicted, it's awfully dry out, my dog ate the other stick...before I knew it, my lips were drier than grandma's crotch if I didnt get my 'stick fix every five minutes.
Then one dry winter night, I was asking for a 'stick loan and a stranger (must have been an angel!) introduced me to the wonder that is Burts Bees. Cured at last!

/jk. Really Chapstick is cool but if you use it regularly your lips eventually DO need it, so thats kind of a bummer (for me at least). Burts doesn't do that IME...still doesn't have that tingly freshness of a good ol' MedChap, though.
John Francis ·
As a professional brass musician, I have found this brand to be especially beneficial.