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It's really important to have a non-lethal option of self defense. Most threats don't require a gun, and I know I'm not the best fighter out there. The pepper spray is a good tool to break contact before things get extremely violent.
Added a clip from an 18650 flashilght. Carry it upside down like a pistol.
Attached to lanyard and tactical cuff key
Another Anti-Rape tool, this time from Dad. Thanks, Dad. My only issue with it is it keeps slipping to the "ready to fire" position while jostling around in a purse. I plan on duct-taping it soon, but can't figure how to do it while keeping it quickly accessible. It's a work in progress.
Tip painted black for better concealment
Simple lightweight,widespread defense.
My first line of self defence. Very compact and very powerfull.
I am cuurrently using the version that can be seen in black light.
Despite if I'm carrying a gun or not, I always have a can of pepper spray?
Options always beat having no options.
This isn't something I use daily but it is certainly something I've started carrying daily.