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4/5. This knife is simply beautiful and feels solid in the hand. The wave feature is nice, but a bit scary to use in public, and not useable at all if you're sitting down.
For a long time this was my favorite knife. Amazingly smooth action. The Emerson Wave feature is fantastic, snapping open with a simple pull out of your pocket. The knife also has almost a perfect balance. I liked it so much I bought the entire line of the Kershaw/Emerson collaboration.
A gift from a very close friend. Love the fde color accent
The scales on this knife were made by @theecondor on instagram
Designed by Emerson, built by Kershaw, this is an awsome EDC knife. 8CR14MOV blade steel, G10 handle scale on one side, stainless frame lock. Very smooth, solid lock up.
Cheap Knife on Work Day Because I use it a LOT!!!!
Best knife I have owned, sadly not necessarily my EDC due to UK carry restrictions but it is always to hand tucked in a bag or around the home.
Left (weak hand) auto open.
Emerson function with Kershaw pricing. Big sturdy knife, came shaving sharp and the functional Emerson wave works great. Love it