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Emory Alexander ·
Automatic, water resistant to 200 m, looks great, just love this watch. Just started wearing it again after having to take out a couple of links because of weight loss. Glad to be able to wear it again.
Myrlguyver ·
The Invicta Pro Diver is a pretty good watch for the cost. It is automatic, has a magnified date indicator, and tells the time relatively accurately.
Jordan Vail ·
I wanted a inexpensive dive watch for work work that could take a beating and not worry about it getting messed up at work. This watch works well for this.
Jordan Vail ·
I am a watch guy. I love the mechanics of them and the honest artistry that goes into them. However I also can not justify wearing my Omega at work. I tend to hit whatever watch I am wearing on something all the time at work. For me I wanted a automatic watch that wouldn't break the bank if I damaged it that was a dive style watch. The Invicta hit all of these marks. I am not a huge fan of Invicta for their marketing and other reasons but in all reality this is a solid sub $200 watch and is the best model that Invicta currently offers.
Jordan Vail ·
For me I am a huge fan of automatic watches especially dive watches. I wanted one that I could wear daily and not be afraid to scratch up. As a machinist I deal with metal constantly and bang my wrist on a lot of different things constantly. If I did this to one of my more expesnive watches I would be upset. With the Invicta not so much. Probably the best Invicata Model out there and it runs a Seiko NH35A movement. Extremely happy with it. Also a gift from my fiance.
My daily go-to, most often on this James Bond Nato strap.
Andrew Zhang ·
On Infantry Co. Leather Nato strap
Bladerunner337 ·
Received the 9094 Pro Diver as a Christmas gift and 2+ weeks it's proving to be a solid watch. A little on the heavy side, I will gladly endure the weight increase over say, my Timex Expedition Shock, or Casio AE1000W to have a stylish option for special occasions or any day. Spot on accurate movement so far. I try to give it a few twists to wind it in addition to the energy stored from normal movement when wearing, or a dozen or so if I happen to go 24hrs without wearing/winding as this will be rotated with the other watches mentioned above.

It's been a while since I've worn a metal cased watch, so far so good! Moderate splashes have had no ill effect as well as normal hand washing (I've had issues with other watches regarding water intrusion).
I have read a lot of reviews on this watch. There seem to be an off a lot of people and say Invicta watches are complete junk. I have owned this watch now for approximately two years and have had zero problems at it. The watch looks great, stylish, Sporty, and luxurious. It really reminds me of a Rolex I once owned; without the Rolex price tag!