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Maratac AAA Flashlight Rev 3 Reviews

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Maratac AAA Flashlight Rev 3 Reviews (10 total)

Vince ·
super tiny and bright (I have rev 3). perfect for the copper enthusiast.
Michael Mutant ·
This gorgeous little light makes me want to go hog mad!
This is a lot of flashlight for it's size. Great to keep on your keychain.
Jacob Allen ·
Great light, but sometimes wish it was a clicky.
Ben ·
rev 3 in titanium is just about as good as it gets for easy portablilty
Jim Robb ·
pradeep kumar ·
Actually Rev 4 in Titanium -- it disappears for being so light (basically weighs as much as the battery). So bright, but unfortunately they went M-L-H after Rev 3.
Douglas Quiad ·
w/ a 10440 battery onboard
Andy Jones ·