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Like marmite you either love it or hate.
Bradley Williams ·
My first iPhone.

I love pretty much everything about it, except the battery life. I don't miss my old Samsung Galaxy, and I don't miss the Android OS.
sjugge ·
Encased in a silicon sleeve and laminated with a tech21 screen protector, this phone is able to withstand my sometimes clumsy but mostly chaotic days. It's the first thing I grab in the morning and last thing in my hand at night, could get by without one anymore.
Rich Casey ·
Nice upgrade from my iPhone 4S. The camera is incredible, but the most useful feature is its fingerprint recognition capability. I thought this was a gimmick but as more apps include it, it becomes more and more useful (e.g. Apple Pay, Chase mobile app, eWallet password manager, etc.) I find it very useful several times a day.
Vince ·
the 6 is so perfect that I cant wait fr the 7
jack mehoff ·
Though i'd prefer one of the flagship androids, this is a pretty solid choice. Apple makes sure their gear works. I've never run out of battery during regular use (only heavy use like long airport waits). World class phone, and will be until at least the middle of 2016. Charges quickly, looks good, works well, seems reasonably durable for a phone. Though I believe the lightning charging / data port is better than micro usb, every other portable device i own uses micro usb, so I'd prefer that. That's apple for you though.
Old Oak ·
Just moved to this device after a lifetime of loyalty to Blackberry. Fabulous and so far beyond a BB. Should have made the move years ago and I'm very glad I've got this thing working for me.
Victor ·
iPhone 6 my secondary phone with an apple black leather case on it
Marco Testing ·
this is just a test
Ben Glasgow ·
Iphone 6
in life proof case
Kevin Hayes ·
I added this thin layer of walnut wood to the back of my iPhone using double stick tape. This adds a nice look but more importantly it adds texture to make the phone easier to hold on to... since it is so slippery other wise.
Brandon ·
For work
Louie Lopez ·
It’s an i phone enough said!
AdventureGirl ·
Work phone
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