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Frank ·
Been carrying the Kershaw for years, love this knife
Bob Winstead ·
Great EDC knife, small enough to fit in your Hitch and Timber carry. Super sharp, easy open, all around great knife.
Perfect EDC knife. Small, sharp and looks great.
Jon Crawford ·
Great, reliable, slim. The grip is slightly textured, like a mix of matte finish and sandpaper, leaning way towards matte.
Don Dewar ·
I bought the Leek because of its strong reputation for EDC and it hasn't disappointed. Its very lightweight but has a good natural feel in the hand. The blade is very sharp and all in all its a great all around knife. The easy open is also invaluable as it is truly a one hand open blade.
Noe Escobar ·
Sandvik 14C28N
Conner Mahan ·
Great budget assisted
michael r magno ·
i have several Kershaw knives and they are all pretty solid
I feel naked without this knife
Looks great with any attire, bought a separate deep carry clip.

-kept in my right front pocket by clip
Bob Winstead ·
Great EDC knife, very sharp, looks great, and durable.
Billy ·
Carry at least one of these every day. Not all of them.
A new city deserves a new knife, so for my birthday I figured I would get an upgrade. Kershaw is the best mid level knife in my opinion and the Leek is for sure one of the best. I wouldnt be caught dead anywhere without a knife.