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In my left pocket at all times.
One of the best medium sak Victorinox do! I must for any collection. Or EDC.
Great slim multitool to have. Love the awl on it the most
Most used as a bottle cap opener, but also as a backup blade,
two words: can opener

oh my god always have a can opener on you...
Limited Edition 2018
Handy slip jint Knive
Hundreds of EDC'ers can't be wrong.
You must check out the Pioneer X! Has Scissors... awesome.
I have a Pioneer X, but the weight and bulk (nearly as large as my Super Tinker {also 3 layers}, and Compact {2 layers}), has me considering a Cadet (no scissors; but I have some on minichamp and Gerber Dime)
Had this for a few years and forgot what model it actually is. Amazing pen knife and it's good to know I have a backup.
Perfect blade, bottle opener and driver combo in a compact set up when you don't need a set of leatherman pilers
My favorite Victorinox. If I could own only one slip-joint, the Pioneer would be a top contender.
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