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In my left pocket at all times.
One of the best medium sak Victorinox do! I must for any collection. Or EDC.
Most used as a bottle cap opener, but also as a backup blade,
two words: can opener

oh my god always have a can opener on you...
Limited Edition 2018
So good! I ordered a wallet as a birthday gift for my father, after he mentioned that he wanted one. This one is great quality and looks sleek.Recommend it!
Handy slip jint Knive
Hundreds of EDC'ers can't be wrong.
You must check out the Pioneer X! Has Scissors... awesome.
I have a Pioneer X, but the weight and bulk (nearly as large as my Super Tinker {also 3 layers}, and Compact {2 layers}), has me considering a Cadet (no scissors; but I have some on minichamp and Gerber Dime)
Had this for a few years and forgot what model it actually is. Amazing pen knife and it's good to know I have a backup.
Perfect blade, bottle opener and driver combo in a compact set up when you don't need a set of leatherman pilers
My favorite Victorinox. If I could own only one slip-joint, the Pioneer would be a top contender.
I really don't have the need for a bigger knife, and don't want my main blade to get any bigger or heavier than this, so it's a perfect tool for the little things here and there I need to do.
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