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Michael Mutant ·
In my left pocket at all times.
John Smith ·
This model is a special edition realized by ALM Knives - handles are made in Cerakote Coyote
Jhn-Pl Cllmr ·
Great new item for my EDC. Finally pulled the trigger on it
Joe ·
Simple, usefull and you can never go bat with a swiss army knife imo.
Res ·
One of the best medium sak Victorinox do! I must for any collection. Or EDC.
Marc ·
Invented ages ago and still the best choice for durability, carry-ablility and versatility.
Rene ·
cuz you gotta have a backup
Earl Reagan ·
SAK Pioneer 1998
A perfect and classy knife option for everyday carry.
John Smith ·
Personnalized by ALM Knives with Cerakote handles
Sam Behrens ·
I must say, this is my most and heavily used knife.
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John L Coulter ·
Great little knife that has been through so much with me. It has been a faithful companion and I'll pass it down to my children. Some knowledge for you. The same type knife is issued to Naval Aircrew and it is part of the crewman survival gear.
Jay Bisel ·
Tools consist of scissors, main blade, pliers, bottle opener and a pocket clip
Skintag ·
not scissors on this one, this is on the pioneer X
Michael Santa Maria ·
Dependable. Sharp. Easy to sharpen. Opening layer is useful as drivers.
Federico Risi ·
I really don't have the need for a bigger knife, and don't want my main blade to get any bigger or heavier than this, so it's a perfect tool for the little things here and there I need to do.
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