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Ray ·
Cards at the flick of a lever - revolutionised everything!
Shawn ·
Secrid mini wallet with RFID card protector case.
Secrid mini Wallet with RFID card protector case
Secrid mini Wallet with built in RFID card protector in black leather
Romans Jermalonoks ·
Mael Nasir ·
Crisple Black (Leather)
Tobias Skade Jessen Hanse ·
I got this as a gift, I think it is from secrid. works really great. Nice low profil way to keep your cards organised
Simon ·
Great for carrying lot a lot of cards
Steve Medic ·
Great wallet for cards and notes
Martim Weinstein ·
Absolutely love it's size and practicality. 2 years and counting.
Rogier ·
Best wallet I ever owned
Geir rseth ·
7 Years old, best wallet ever
Dominic Mercier ·
The leather version is way too expansive, but it's still a perfectly good slim wallet.
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