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Victorinox SwissCard Reviews

From Victorinox
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Victorinox SwissCard Reviews (11 total)

Swiss cards are pretty much an edc starter kit fits into wallet and waste no space comes with the bare minimum of tools (knife scissor tweezer toothpick pen nail file/small flathead a pin and a ruler on its side). The swiss card is a great gift for your significant other as my girlfriend absolutely loves the conveniences of the pen scissors and tweezer.
the scissors are amazing and the pen is super convenient all the time, (tweezers are great)
SwissCard with is leather case
I’ve tried different tools but I keep coming back to the SwissCard when I’m out with the kids for the tweezers and the scissors. The tweezers are especially helpful when I need to remove splinters from little fingers and the scissors are great for cutting tags off clothes.
Handy little item in my pack
Handy little multi tool
SwissCards is a good little EDC item. I have a SwissCard Quattro myself. It has been in my wallet for 13 years now.
Goes inside the wallet!

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