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Fenix LD12 Reviews

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Fenix LD12 Reviews (9 total)

Lord Davidow ·
I own one of these and I'm really disappointed. It's a good flashlight, but it doesn't turn on when the temperature is below 50F / 10C. Many other people have the same problem with this flashlight. Don't even consider using this as an emergency flashlight if you live anywhere where its ever colder than that.
Ethan Mitchell ·
An amazing bright compacted light. Although if you leave a battery in it too long it gets corroded
Harald Schuehrer ·
very old version
John ·
Small enough to fit in your pocket, large enough to stay in your hand. With the switch on the back makes it ideal for quick use. With 320 lumen as max it serves its purpose. Uses a single AA battery and is IP-68 dust and water resistant.
Ace ·
Fenix LD12 Flashlight
Abigail Martin ·
As a stagehand, you'll be working in the dark more than anything, and a good flashlight is needed. While not too expensive, the LD12 is great for pointing out equipment in the air as well as low-light backstage work.
Andrew Small ·
Had it in my pocket everyday for over 5 years. never let me down.
Harald Schuehrer ·
2015 Edition
Neil ·
Big enough to cover any need but small enough to throw in my briefcase. Like how I can cycle through the brightness modes easily.