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Keyport Slide Reviews

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Keyport Slide Reviews (7 total)

I love my Keyport slides. Even aftr they need replacing I go and get a new one. Pictured is the 2.0 version, but I have had all 5 total, counting 2 replacements. Currently isimg the 3.0 which is awesome. I go directly to their store here in Las Vegas and they have excellent customer service. They have great accessories such as flashlights, flashdrives, locators, knives, and other lock accessories such as pad locks and bike locks that are compatible with your car key which means less keys that you need. Only word of warning is all the latest cars are chipped so you will need to get the chip which they program free. Older cars won't need it.
Perfect for a compact and silent key setup.
Best thing you can buy besides a knife for your EDC.
w/o Blades: 0.6 oz. 
w/6 Blades: +/- 1.6 oz. (depending on type)
Length: 2.850” Width: 1.270” Height: .580”
Holds up to six Keyport Blades and/or Inserts
Body: Polycarbonate
Nose Bezel: Ultem 1000
End Cap: Ultem 1000
Nodes: Nickel Plated Brass
I really like the Keyport since it compacts the jangle in the pocket and allows for quick access.
I adopted the first version of this side and have been a customer ever since. I can attest to the recovery system they have for these key as my wife one of our Keyport and the person that found it notified Keyport who contacted me right away. It was so fast that I had found out way before my wife realized she had dropped her keys and we were able to arrange a meeting to recover it. Great product.
simplify your lives, players...