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BigOrangePA ·
Not for everybody, but unmatched performance from a rescue shear. The add ons are ok. O2 wrench and ring splitter are very rarely useful. I have never needed the glass breaker or strap cutter.
CD Pace ·
Very sharp blades, on the top of my med bag.
Jerry Pruitt ·
OMG, this tool man I glad that I invest in it, it is an excellent tool I suggest everyone must put one in they edc. You be glad you have it.
Corey Olszewski ·
Awesome, compact shears with a seatbelt cutter and ring cutter. Very much worth the money for this much versatility.
Kyle Dorr ·
This tool is indispensable for emergency workers of all types, whether it be police, fire, or paramedic. It is also a great tool to have on hand, regardless of your profession, in the home for diy projects, in your car in case of an emergency, or even on a camping or hiking trip for various tasks.

The multi-tool has six individual tools, 420HC stainless steel medical shears, a strap cutter, a ring cutter, an oxygen wrench, a carbide glass breaker, and a 5 centimeter ruler with markings to read ekg’s. The tool can also be taken apart for cleaning by removing a single screw in the center of the tool.
The tool itself is five inches in length, with the shears being one point nine inches long. and the tool is sturdy but not overly heavy to carry at five point eight ounces, whether you are at home or in the field. The majority of the tool is made of 420HC stainless steel, while the handles are made of glass-filled nylon and the glass breaker is made of tungsten carbide. The raptor, along with all other leatherman tools, comes with leatherman’s outstanding 25 year warranty.
The raptor also comes with a molle compatible, rotatable polymer holster, which can be worn either on the left or right side of the body, that the tool can fit in either open or closed. When the tool is open, it locks into the sheath and the user needs to press the release button on the sheath to remove the tool. When closed, it is held in by the friction of the pocket clip.
Jared ·
Only owned these for about a month, but I use them every day. Super sharp and sturdy. Great for the garden, inside the house, and at work. I'd definitely recommend!
Awsome bit of first aid kit.
Otis Lee Miller ·
Kee Alfian ·
Very comfortable cutting harder material
James ·
Pride and joy of the whole collection.
Greg ·
I never thought I would, but I actually had to use the ring splitter to help a co-worker get a ring off that had become too tight on her finger. She was very grateful for the assistance and impressed by the tool. So good, I now have two!
John McDonald ·
I work in the health care field for a while and found a constant need for these. Whether it was cutting bandages, turning on Oxygen, measuring lacerations, this has been flawless. It is a must have for EMTs and Paramedics!
Julius Bernstein ·
By far my favorite EDC for the job. If I had to pick 1 tool to bring with me to work, this is it. 6 tools in 1! Features a scissors, a ring cutter, oxygen tank wrench, glassbreaker, ruler, and a strap cutter. Costs roughly around $75.00 but worth every penny. Perfect for any EMS professional.
Trauma shears - I never leave home without them
BigOrangePA ·
Definitely not a multitool for everyone, but has come in handy number of times. I carry for the combo of really nice shears and ring splitter. Used it a couple of time instead of the absolutely awful ring cutters supplied in the office. If shopping, look for other color handles as they are often no more expensive with a little shopping around.