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Nate ·
I own the plain edge, orange version of this. I think this a fantastic choice for police/military/first responder/car carry/outdoors use. In the military, I have used this knife extensively flying on missions, as it is far more convenient than carrying a knife and separate strap cutter. In the great outdoors, it would make a dandy game knife, especially when using the strap cutter as a gut hook.

For daily EDC use, I really cant recommend this knife. It is large, heavy, and thick. I have no doubt there are lots of folks that do, but this review is based on my own perspective.

You will have to do an analysis of your daily carry knife uses. If you are like most people and use a daily knife for envelopes, packaging, etc, you may find the size/weight vs. benefit not worth it.

For the uses described above, I give this a 10/10.
Dave ·
I like it, it was a gift from a close friend of mine. I did reshape the tip of the blade and have the orange scales cerakoted silver.