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Three years old and still works like a champ even though it's my fourth string QB it's there and ready to work, carried every day for about 1 1/2 years.
sky fan ·
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Paul Pearson ·
I genuinely love this little light! You get a lot of bang for the buck.
Don Dewar ·
A great pocket flashlight not much bigger than a pen it gives off a great amount of light for its size and only shortcoming is that it isn't rechargeable which has been adressed in the new USB model which I hope to get soon.
John B. ·
Small, bright, and can fit in your pocket. Great to carry around all the time.
Log4Jake ·
I love this flashlight, however, I prefer my old rechargeable light as it was smaller, brighter, and rechargeable.
Giovanni ·
Great little light. I prefer over ProTac version because of price,weight and size in my pocket.
Griffin ·
Helpful in sticky situations
Kevin ·
Field Flashlight
Specialist38 ·
My favorite light
Lukas Trickster ·
Have had for over 6 years works great still
Scott Salvador ·
My third stylus pro. Perfect EDC light.
Fraser Cassells ·
Anodized blue
Michael Smith ·
Also makes dark stuff bright.
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