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The Victorinox might be a good tool for those trying to consolidate their pen, knife, and multitool. The plus scales mean you get a pressurized ballpoint pen in the package.

This SAK has the same versatile combination tool that lets my beloved Victorinox Bantam pack so much function into such a small space; this one sheet of metal can pry, scrape, open bottles, open cans, strip wires, flat screw, and (kind of) Philips screw.

It's called the Compact because even though it's just two layers, you get those awesome scissors, and a load of other functionality. That said, it's a bit bigger than I usually carry in the pocket, yet the pen is almost too small to be useful.

Zero concerns about durability given the brand.
Juergen ·
Simply a perfect combination of tools. I use it several times every day! And the integrated little pencil is more important than i ever thought.
Luca041092 ·
Modded Vic Compact (screwdriver instead of corkscrew), acid washed tools, micarta scales by DailyCustoms
Seba ·
the custom scales are made in Germany from W3rktri3b, great works, everybody should give those guys a shot...
Lassi Paasi ·
I’m not sure if I could survive a day without my SAK. And this Compact has all the tools I need during the day.
Niko Huupponen ·
I just can’t give up, the best SAK-knife ever with nothing extra and everything necessary!
Niko Huupponen ·
Newest EDC-SAK!
Rheza Raveline Leo ·
Useful tools for everyday urban living - pen, tweezers, toothpick, scissors, nail file in a compact package
Manfred ·
Custom titanium scales
Jan ·
For me, it's a gem around SAKs. With only 2 layers, it packs so much, that I barely use my folders or multitools in normal day-to-day tasks. It is a classic piece of gear that's always with me.
Justin Shenton ·
Modified to include Phillips screw driver instead of corkscrew
Yanick Tremblay ·
Needle & tread hidden under scales