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Pilot G2 Retractable Pen Reviews

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Pilot G2 Retractable Pen Reviews (32 total)

Eric Benson ·
Good quality Pen. I would carry nicer pens but I lose pens too often.
Noah Wyka ·
I never go anywhere without a Pilot G2. I'm a pen snob, I suppose. Anything but a G2 is for peasants!
Amewa L'awo ·
Smooth and inexpensive. I keep at least two on me when I'm working.
Rob Hutter ·
The smoothest
Austin Pearce ·
Personally, I use the 1.0 mm point Pilot G2. It writes smoothly and boldly, great for hashing out thoughts and ideas.
Anant ·
My all time favourite pen for daily use and taking notes.
Kevin White ·
Small and reliable click pen.
Eric Benson ·
If you've got 1 you've got none if you've got 2 you've got 1
John Orick ·
Excellent pen for everyday use!
Sean Williams ·
1.0mm is the best way to go.
In Black and Blue. These stay on my person at all times, along with my wallet and phone (everything else stays in my briefcase). No lawyer should ever be without a pen.
Matt Burnett ·
This is the only pen I'd recommend for EDC. It's got a great writing pattern and easily readable.
John Locke ·
0.7mm. Writes great and dries fast.
bobby p ·
Cheap lil EDC pen I carry
Abigail Martin ·
Hands-down my favorite writing instrument of all time. Ink slides onto the page like butter and dries fast.
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