Pilot G2 Retractable Pen

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Personally, I use the 1.0 mm point Pilot G2. It writes smoothly and boldly, great for hashing out thoughts and ideas.
Hand written reports all day long with no problems.
Simple, elegant G2 pen. Works consistently, last forever and writes clearly, even if doctors don't.
for recording laser tube data
Unfortunately, I lost my Fischer Space Pen. But now that I no longer have that, I have the opportunity to test other pens. In the meantime, I am using the reliable, tried and true Pilot G-2 07.
0.5mm is the way to go.
Ultra fine point to fit more in less space ;)
great pen never skips for me, but smudges alot for me
the G2 went from backup to daily driver once I found the 0.38
I love the 0.38 fine point in Blue
The only pen to own
Cheap and good.
Customized G2 with 0.5 needle tip cartridge
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