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Ethan ·
This is an alright little knife for the 13$ price point. Sometimes I put the shuffle on my keys instead of a multi-tool.
The kershaw shuffle is a good knife for its price, however the bottle opener could be better.
Awesome knife, small, sharp and extra useful. Easily carried and you never know it's there until you need it.
isaac peterson ·
great back up edc
As a edc utility knife this great option its not expensive at a price tag under $20 its makes it an affordable knife, its made from good steel allowing it to keep and sharp edge. And the bottle opener/screwdriver/lanyard holder it make it cool edc knife.
Aron Tabor ·
Light, compact, legal for flight, very handy. I live it. Easy to sharp, and has bottle opener 😉
Dani La Fosse ·
Budget EDC folding knife gets a lot of hate but I love it.
John ·
Small reliable knife. Also comes with a combined prybar and flathead screwdriver (back of the knife) and a bottle-opener. But I didnt buy it for the multifunctionality. I bought it for being so small yet usable. And when you use the clip it never comes off.
Justin Miller ·
Navy Blue Handle. Stonewash Blade. Nice groove at bottom of blade so you can move your grip up and make it more secure.
Love this knife.
Amir Iqbal ·
Razor sharp, yet discreet pocket knife that fits right on your keys.
Brad Kerney ·
Great little knife for everyday tasks. Fits neatly in that little Levi's pocket without using the clip.