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Leatherman Style PS Reviews

From Leatherman


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Leatherman Style PS Reviews (21 total)

Lonnie Cheshire ·
Good leatherman tool love the selection of tools in it as well as the compact size.
BigOrangePA ·
Great little MT. With things like this out there, there is really no excuse to not have a Multi-tool on your person at all times. Certainly not heavy duty use, but gets almost any normal daily task. This beats out my Squirt PS4 thanks to tweezers and more comfortable form factor.
Mattallen ·
Good little thing to have.
Johan Bertilsson ·
Bladeless at work.
Aaron Jones ·
Awesome little multi.
Jeff Zie ·
Travel-friendly multi-tool. Tiny pliers are always useful. They get answers fast.
Tohru Nishiumi ·
Andrew Woroniecki ·
with Galen Leather evil eye charm
Rlavallee ·
Travel friendly pliers, scissors, screwdriver and file and tweezers
Hamilton ·
Anything with scissors is not TSA compliant in Indonesia.
Jake Edvalson ·
Great quality keychain pliers and tools(knifeless version so I can carry in school)
Colson B ·
Great little TSA friendly multitool.
Dan S ·
Mostly use the scissors, tweezers, screwdriver/file. Love the carabiner clip. Travel-friendly - passes TSA security.
Jeremy ·
Incredibly useful keychain tool, without the redundancy of a small, impractical knife.
Johan Bertilsson ·
Pliers ans scissors are always useful.
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