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Marc ·
Love it!! Wore it all day and couldn’t tell I had it on.
Ty Caldwell ·
Best fixed blade force multiplier knife that I own
Ryan ·
The frame and blade itself is very thin metal which didn't bother me because I was using as a concealed self defense blade on the rear of my back on a belt carry. I figured I could sacrifice a little quality to gain some concealment. Then the sheath..... what a piece. Owned 2 months then it got caught one time and just shattered in 5 pieces. Very brittle. Then when the knife made its short plummet to the ground the tip broke off about a half inch back. I contacted Ferber and they said send it t them but shipping was $20!!!!

My recommendation: izula. Much thicker blade much heavier sheath. You can still carry horizontal for easy access and it's a lot easier to take on and off as the sheath clips on vs weaved into the belt like the Berber ghost strike. I also believe it's cheaper
Rear on Belt