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Amewa L'awo ·
I keep a spare key on my Key ring and in my wallet.
I was taught to carry as many handcuff keys as possible, that way if you are ever captured and cuffed, you have a better chance of ending up with at least one cuff key they didn't find. I was once handcuffed and taken into custody in a Middle Eastern country (a case of mistaken identity, thank God), to make certain I wasn't going to get out of the handcuffs they cuffed my wrists and then cuffed me at the elbows, of course, behind my back. I had managed to hide a cuff key in my belt, between layers of leather, naturally it was of no value since I couldn't reach it. If it comes up in conversation and people ask me why I carry cuff keys on American soil, I remind them that the police are not the only people who use handcuffs. * Side note ... Yes I can get out of either duct tape or zip ties, that might be used to restrain me. I would suggest that you learn how to escape from either as well and then teach your wife and children how to do those things too, it could save their lives some day.
Thomas Ferguson ·
for the bedroom
Maxx MAR ·
Please send keys......
Handcuff key, you never know, police arent the only people with cuffs.
anthony hattenhauer ·
You never know when you will need one